Safety and Security Services

Anything that you can do to make the job easier on yourself without slipping in the level of service you provide is worth it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as calling a resident when a parking lot patrol finds a flat tire or notifying maintenance of burnt-out light bulbs in stairwells. They monitor guest traffic, enforce residential conduct codes, and assist with receiving packages, hailing cabs and other personal services. Surveillance Services Silverseal Investigators provide a full suite of complex corporate investigative services.
Pikes Peak Security offers thorough on-site security to help protect the business owners of Colorado Springs and Denver. Enlisting on-site security has proven to significantly deter criminal activity. So, whether you’re having an office holiday party or are interested in daily security for a bank you manage, having on-site security is one of the best ways to protect you, your employees and your customers. We provide on-site security for all types of businesses, including banks, offices, medical facilities and construction sites. Our dedicated security team will work with you to identify potential risks and create unique tactics to further protect what matters most. This may include creating an emergency exit strategy, following occupancy limits, enforcing customers to wear masks, controlled access and removal of disorderly disturbances.
The $199 kit comes with the hub and two external all-in-one sensors, which connect back to the hub via wireless Arlo SecureLink technology, and can be placed throughout the house. (A starter kit with the hub and five sensors is $299.) The system can be self-monitored without a monthly fee, or with a live monitoring plan that costs $25 per month as of February 2023. SimpliSafe has announced 24/7 Live Guard, a service which will work exclusively with its new Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera. This battery-powered camera can distinguish between people and pets but also can be configured to directly alert a monitoring service. A service rep is then able to view alarms , and also communicate directly with the person who is being watched. A SimpliSafe base station and Interactive subscription are required to use both.
Moon Security delivers the latest, proven electronic security solutions – with a personal touch. We offer flexible security guard placements for all sizes of organizations and budgets. With several different packages available for all clients, PSA Security provides multiple solutions in order to keep everyone of our clients more than satisfied and most importantly, safe.
High-end condominiums, co-ops and upscale rental properties often offer their tenants the benefits of an in-house concierge. Security USA® provides European-style concierge services to buildings throughout the New York tri-state area, Florida and beyond to make their tenants’ lives that much easier. Security Services near me -effective remote-controlled or automated technologies are often the right solution for small to mid-sized residential buildings.
Security patrols involve regularly checking a property to identify any potential security risks, such as signs of forced entry or other threats. Apartments and condominiums are vibrant communities with resident activity happening 24/7. Parking lots and unsecured gates are attractive targets for unwanted and criminal activities. Residential security services will be an asset to management after hours, responding to noise complaints, and securing the property.
BBB accredited with an A grade, Brinks Home offers more than 119 security products. Some are a bit less sophisticated than what their competitors may offer, but they’re more affordable than many and are easy to install and simple to operate. The company offers no self-monitoring options, and professional monitoring starts at $29.99 per month. For example, some of our security patrol service clients include large construction sites that need round-the-clock coverage, convention centers with ongoing events, and high-end parking structures. In addition, a 24/7 security presence ensures that your business interests are less likely to experience vandalism or petty theft after hours.