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If your appliance is not repaired, we’ll put your service call charge towards a new/refurbished unit. Fred was honest and upfront about the costs and repairs. I would 100% recommend Derry Appliance Repair to everyone. Explained clearly the diagnostic results for all problems and offered professional opinion on cost versus replacement of item and probable longevity of appliances. Fred Showed up right on time, explained everything that was being done, was very friendly, and had the area cleaned up when done.
While the lifespan varies based on refrigerator type, consumers can usually count on theirfridgeto last approximately ten years. Some refrigerators, including built-in and integrated models, usually last up to twenty years. However, standard refrigerators such as freezer-top and side-by-side refrigerators typically last about years. Other factors such as how well it is cared for and its construction can also affect the life expectancy of your refrigerator.
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If there is a strong chemical smell coming from the fridge, food isn’t staying cold, and the motor is constantly running, there may be a refrigerant leak. A fridge that’s working correctly will not need freon replacement, but if there’s a leak, a professional will know how to put freon in a refrigerator. Refrigerant leak repair costs between $100 and $440 on average. Certain jobs can be dangerous and risk extensive damage, such as repairing gas lines or leaks. Others require experience and know-how, such as balancing a clothes washer, replacing electric wires, rewiring appliances and more.
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Built-in refrigeratorsare almost always worth repairing. Not only are they less expensive to repair, but they typically have a longer lifespan anyways. You can access the evaporator fan inside your freezer compartment. Unplug the unit, then remove all items and shelves from the freezer. With a screwdriver, open the access door at the very back of the freezer and remove the fan. Remove the old grommets and replace with the new grommets, then replace the fan and tighten.
Homeowners will want to consider the cost of parts, installation, labor, and service fees when calculating total repair costs. Depending on the age, model, and brand of the fridge, some parts and materials may be hard to find, resulting in higher repair costs. For labor, some professionals may charge an hourly rate between $100 and $250 and a service fee that can range from $70 to $120.
When you need professional help with your refrigerator, you should hire an HVAC company or appliance repair specialist. With skills and experience working with refrigeration systems, these professionals can help with anything from small fixes to bigger problems. Whether your refrigerator isn’t cooling properly or the ice maker is on the fritz, Sears PartsDirect has the refrigerator DIY repair help you need.